Isochrony – Autumn 2018

New percussion compositions and collaborations featuring Oisin Hannigan and Josie Sinnadurai coming your way in Autumn 2018. Stay tuned!



I am a percussionist specializing in live performance, dance accompaniment, studio recordings, theatre and television. I can perform on a variety of instruments including drum kit, doumbek, tapan, cajon, and more. Currently I play in a wide variety of styles in numerous projects including ZephyrNomadicaVentanas, and the Lemon Bucket Orkestra.

 The world of “world music” has ignited an insatiable appetite for discovery. As I continue to explore the world through their rhythmic and musical traditions I am finding deep parallels that unite our unique folk cultures in one common root. As an Indian man, born in Canada, performing mostly on a middle-eastern percussion instrument, I am finding my home in these traditions.